New Radio Presenter Demo
New Radio Presenter Demo

I thought it was about time I cut a new presenter demo – often called an air check in the US – as I haven’t made a fresh one for a while. It’s a fraction under 3 minutes long and features some of what I believe to be the best links from my weekly rock & blues show, Route 66.

Here’s my self publicising blurb attached to the audio…

“Rory Auskerry is an enthusiastic and experienced radio personality. He currently presents the Route 66 Radio Show, a weekly two hour show bringing listeners the best in rock, blues, music news and interviews. The show is broadcast on FM across Greater Manchester and syndicated internationally by three independent stations.

Rory has presented regularly for BBC Radio Orkney as well as providing semi regular cover on Real XS (Now XS Manchester). He has also broadcast on BBC Radio Manchester.

Rory is hugely enthusiastic about music – especially rock and blues from across the decades. As a radio enthusiast, Rory’s on air style has been influenced by a wide variety of well known on air talent. The result is a unique, exciting and dynamic on air personality that engages and entertains the listener.”

I am currently looking for paid radio presenting opportunities, especially those based around the North West of England.