End of Days – BBC 5 live
End of Days – BBC 5 live

If you’re a fan of true crime podcasts I think you’ll love this. ‘End Of Days’ for BBC 5 live is the story of David Koresh: the prophet whose cult in Waco, Texas preached an apocalypse – and the 30 Britons taken in by his message. Over 8 episodes we learn how they got to Waco, and how they lived and died for him.

You can listen now for free via the BBC Sounds app, your usual podcast provider or on the BBC 5 live website.

Working as part of a four man team over the last few months of 2018 I’ve done all the mixing and sound design for this project as part of my day job at 5 live. If you have a podcast idea you’d like to make happen, or you’re already making one and could do with some help with mixing, editing and recording – give me a shout.