Route 66
Route 66

The UK’s best rock & blues radio show*. Broadcast 6-8pm every Sunday evening on Stockport’s Pure 107.8 FM. As well as great tunes, Rory brings you exclusive interviews, new releases, gig info and music news all fully jocked up. *Probably. Every week the show is rebroadcast around the world via a growing roster of radio stations who syndicate the Route 66 Radio Show.

The Jockin’ Duke

In the week that Prince Philip announced he’s retiring from royal duties, the Jockin’ Duke was born…

Fyre Festival Fiasco

The rockin’ jock went to the ill fated Fyre festival and it was a disaster…

Standing For Election

It’s time to make a difference! Rory announces he’s standing for election…

Interview interrupted by silliness

You must have seen the guy in a suit doing a serious interview about South Korea on the BBC when his kids bundle in and turn the whole thing into a hilarious farce? Route 66 Rock & Blues Radio Show…

Boxing Pre-Fight Trash Talk

Rory trash talks himself the day after the David Haye vs. Tony Bellew boxing fight.

Coolio Rorieri Gets The Sack

Route 66 Radio Show host Rory Auskerry (or Coolio Rorieri as we’re calling him this week) tells the media he’s gutted to have been sacked from his role as the rockin’ jock.

Guitar Hero

The rockin’ jock, Rory Auskerry has been busy learning how to play the guitar. Check this out!

Jockin’ Job Swap

The Rockin’ Jock’s wife Lizi takes over the presenter role this week while Rory has a go and getting fit…

Wrong guest on TV

We tried to promote Route 66 on the tele but it didn’t quite go to plan… Here’s the original video that we’re taking the p**s out of.