Rory Auskerry

Commercial Helicopter Pilot, Multimedia Producer & YouTuber


I love flying and have wanted to be a pilot since I was a young boy. In January 2021 I completed a 14 month integrated training course meaning I’m now a commercial helicopter pilot. I already have a NPPL for three axis microlight planes and an EASA LAPL (A) in my flight bag.

Audio Producer

Some of my other passions are radio, podcasts and sound mixing. Prior to starting pilot training I enjoyed more than a decade at the BBC, mostly as staff at Radio 5 live working on a mixture of live radio shows and crafted podcast projects. I continue to work as a freelance producer.

Rory on Air

When I first got my microlight licence back in 2017 I started a YouTube channel so I could share the joys of flying with friends and family as I explored the UK. Along with my back catalogue of over 70 videos, you can now watch try and build a career as a commercial helicopter pilot.