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In The Studio

Working from my professionally equipped home studio, I offer a range of high end audio production services.

Having helped create, produce and indeed host a number of hit radio programmes and podcasts, I’m proud to have become a knowledgeable and indispensable audio wizard.

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The podcast coach

In 2021 I teamed up with my friend Ben Atkinson – an experienced Radio Presenter – to bring you The Podcast Coach.

We offer bespoke podcast coaching and production for businesses and individuals looking to stand out in the rapidly growing world of podcasting. We also provide video services.

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Rewilding the world with Ben Goldsmith


From the team behind The Secret History of Flight 149 and The Secret History of the Estonia, journalist Stephen Davis investigates the mysterious death of a scientist at the South Pole in the year 2000, and interrogates why the investigation fails to uncover the truth. Mixing and Sound Design by Rory Auskerry.

Rewilding the world with Ben Goldsmith


Rewilding enthusiast and activist Ben Goldsmith is joined by the people behind some of the most exciting and dramatic rewilding projects on earth. Production and mixing by Rory Auskerry, Lizi Auskerry & Ben Atkinson. (The Podcast Coach)


A tale of secrets, smugglers and spies and how 852 people died on a ferry. Journalist Stephen Davis investigates the tragic sinking of the passenger ship The Estonia, uncovering a mysterious trail that leads back to the Cold War. Mixing and Sound Design by Rory Auskerry.


Each episode, the Apella Advisors team tackle a critical little question, covering topics from across the world of communications, corporate affairs and beyond. Coaching, production and mixing by Rory Auskerry & Ben Atkinson. (The Podcast Coach)


Imagine boarding a flight thinking you’re heading on holiday, but instead you get taken hostage by Saddam Hussein. It might sound far-fetched, but in August 1990 this really happened to the passengers and crew of BA Flight 149. Mixing and Sound Design by Rory Auskerry.

On the ground

Young soldiers’ lives forever changed, not by enemy but by ‘friendly fire’. Audrey Gillan was on the ground with them in Iraq and teams up with the BBC’s Dan Maudsley to investigate. Mixing and Sound Design by Rory Auskerry.

for flying out loud

Exploring the multi-faceted skills required to be a pilot, this podcast also aims to serve as a source of inspiration, empowerment and motivation to anyone that ‘dreams bigger’. Featuring interviews with some leading figures from the world of aviation. Mixing by Rory Auskerry.


Peta and Chris are in paradise – they sail into hell. Why does it take 38 years to arrest the only suspect: Silas Duane Boston? A BBC 5 live podcast investigating their murders. Mixing and Sound Design by Rory Auskerry and Jack Laycock.

kevin pietersen: beast of man

The rhino. An icon – almost extinct. Kevin Pietersen. A maverick cricketer who never backs down. He says he’ll save them. But poachers are never far away – and time is running out. Mixing and Sound Design by Rory Auskerry & Sam Turner.

the game changers

Some of the biggest names in women’s sport talk frankly about their historic careers, what drives them and how they’ve dealt with some of the toughest challenges they’ve faced. You may be surprised at what you hear – you’ll certainly be inspired. Mixed by Rory Auskerry.

End of Days

The story of David Koresh: the prophet whose cult in Waco, Texas preached an apocalypse – and the 30 Britons taken in by his message. This is how they got to Waco, and how they lived and died for him. Mixing and Sound Design by Rory Auskerry.

Route 66

The UK’s best rock & blues radio show (probably) had a regular Sunday evening slot on Stockport’s Pure 107.8 FM. As well as great tunes, Rory presented exclusive interviews, new releases, gig info and music news all fully jocked. All the shows are still available for free on mixcloud.

Radio Orkney

Over the years I’ve produced and presented a multitude of shows for BBC Radio Orkney. Regular programmes showcased the very best in blues & rock music and also featured some of the best local musical talent to emerge from the Orkney islands. The last show I did, ‘On The Riffs’, ran for 2 seasons during 2013/14.

Real Radio XS

I was a regular cover presenter on Manchester’s Classic Rock Station – Real Radio XS. Broadcasting on 106.1FM, Real XS was the North West’s classic rock station playing guitar driven, melodic rock presented by engaging, knowledgeable, local personalities. It’s since rebranded to XS Manchester.