If you wear sunglasses and a headset for flying, biking or any other similar pursuit you’ve probably experienced the same problems I have.

Most regular sunglasses cause pain and discomfort when the headset ear cups push the temples of the glasses against your head. It may not hurt immediately but after an hour or so I start to get headaches. In addition to the pain, the classes push the earcups away from the side of my head, breaking the seal around the cup and letting in the unwanted aircraft noise. 

As a result of this for a while now I’ve been looking for sunglasses that solve these problems. 

I think I’ve found the answer with Flying Eyes. 

After doing quite a bit of research I came across this company based in the USA who design and make glasses especially for pilots and other headset and helmet users.

All the glasses in their range have super thin, flexible temples ensuring a comfortable fit and hours of pain free use. Thanks to a collaboration with the Flying Eyes team, you can get 10% off any purchase from Flying Eyes shop by clicking the link or entering RORYONAIR at the checkout.

While I’m not paid to promote Flying Eyes, I do receive a small commision on each sale made using my code.