On the 6th of June 2012, Auskerry welcomed her first Royal visitor when Her Royal Highness, the Princess Royal came to inspect the lighthouse.

Arriving aboard the Northern Lighthouse Board’s ship MV Pharos by helicopter, Princess Anne was then brought ashore to Auskerry pier on a small tender. Joined by a group of NLB lighthouse commissioners, we accompanied the Princess up the lighthouse tower where this photograph was taken in the light room. From left to right: My youngest brother, Hamish Auskerry; Dad, Simon; myself; Princess Anne; my wife Lizi; and my mum, Teresa. My other brother Owen was not with us on the island at the time as he was away travelling.

It was fabulous to meet royalty and in all honesty we were all amazed by how down to earth Her Royal Highness was with us. 

A very memorable experience all round – just a shame the helicopter didn’t come any closer to us then the ship!

Left: The lens that amplifies the lightbulb and projects it for miles across the sea.